Health Informatics Solutions

KM Medical Software has been creating web-based medical software since 2006. In that time we have created many different versions of our applications and seen the need for many different specifications and workflows. We understand that health informatics solutions do not always fit into easily labeled silos.

In fact to give a unified system to clinicians and healthcare professionals and medical device companies who all often need to work together can be very complex.

KMM software has experience in taking complex clinical pathways and workflows and making them work seamlessly on an enterprise level. Our dedicated team of Consultants, Project Managers, programmers and business analysts can deliver any customized health informatics workflow on our established framework in a strict time-line and give unparalleled support.We have experience in the public and private sector health in Ireland and the UK and have also worked with global non-profits and private companies in the US, France and Australia to build solutions for medical records, distributed imaging, clinical audit and case management.


Case Management System for a large multinational Charity
This project involved a charity with workers all over the world. The organization needed to have medical records, case management and powerful reporting to support the logistics of providing their workers medical care all over the world.The project even allows the organization to share medical records with hospitals and clinics securely. Allowing X-rays, notes and diagnosis to be shared with medical professionals thousands of miles away to support their workers.

The software is now accessed on their WAN in over 50 countries by thousands of people daily.

Case Management System for Surgery Planning
This is a company that develops 3D surgical plans for orthopaedic surgeons. We created a customized solution for the company that allows Surgeons to initiate a new case, fill patient details, the system notifies the Radiology department or company and they can upload the patients MRI. This allows the engineers to build a 3D Surgical plan using external software and upload back to the portal. The surgeon is notified when complete and can log on and retrieve on the case management system.

The solution also allows the surgeon and a research team to follow the outcomes of the surgeries with orthopaedic outcome score module that allows patients to answer quality of life questions on an ipad in the waiting room or from their home computer.

This solution is now used on 3 continents to help distributed teams to collaborate

Clinical Audit Registry for Medical Device Manufacturer
Orthopaedic implant manufacturers have to meticulously research outcomes using their products. The way they traditionally did this was to get surgeons and patients to fill out long questionnaires or outcome scores on paper. Using our existing clinical audit framework we have developed a way for orthopaedic implant manufacturers to follow specific implants in patients using web-based software in conjunction with touch screen kiosks and tablets to capture patient information.

This means that implant companies can conduct research on multiple continents with hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients and report on this data immediately.

Data Mining application for ICU discharge
In the western world health informatics is often a complicated field because there are so many legacy systems in a hospital that do not talk to each other.This project is an example of how KMM Software have taken existing systems and existing data and been able to create a new view to give clinicians the vital information they need quickly.

This system created for a public hospital in Ireland uses existing data and reforms it to give a live discharge summary and aggregates several databases in order to do this.

Pan-European Clinical audit study tool for pioneering new obstetrics procedure
This project involves a customized version of our clinical audit framework which is involved in a pan European study of robotic surgery in obstetrics.

This software is used to capture outcomes of surgeries all over western Europe allowing researcher in widespread locations to share research data instantly.